Jun 8, 2012

Easy Tips to Sale Your House Fast

  • Say to Yourself “This isn’t my House!” And let it go… don’t look back, look toward the future.
  • De-Personalize. Buyers can’t see seller’s past personal things like photos, draperies … and you are selling your house not your belongs, right?...
  • De-Clutter! Less is more: didn’t use in over a year, you don’t need it!... Donate it, garage sale or  rent a storage unit.           
  • Organize closets and cabinets and buyers will be able to see they have enough storage.
  •  Remove/Replace Favorite Items or fixtures you want to take with you now. If a buyer never sees it, won’t want it, right?
  • Put a small budget for minor repairs…. It doesn’t take too much money to fix leaking faucets, touch paint walls, replace burned out light bulbs…. And will make your house look like new.
  • Housekeeper?... and make the House Sparkle! If you don’t have time, there are many cleaning companies that will have a good deal for “move out-move in” cleaning. And keep it clean yourself after that. Don’t forget the windows and doors.
  • Curb Appeal. Don’t let buyers stay inside the car…. If they don’t like what they see outside, greater chance you will never get them inside. Small things like replace your house number, mow the lawn and planting marigolds will make it inviting.
  • Best for the last: Don't be a "For Sale By Owner".... 98% chances that you will be calling a Realtor in 6 months.... so, work smart and call me now!  HAVE A GREAT SUMMER SALE SEASON!

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