Jul 19, 2021

Rockport Texas Home For Sale 112 Captain's Bay Dr, ROCKPORT, TX 78382


MLS# R135682A 112 Captain's Bay Dr, ROCKPORT, TX 78382
Adorable 3 bedrooms home in lovely Captains Bay neighborhood tucked between live oaks and convenient located to all the fun in town and easy access to the 35 HWY to commute to Corpus! Absolutely gorgeous tall kitchen cabinets and granite, eat in bar and all open for easy breezy entertaining with friends!

Jun 16, 2021

Save On Housing Costs in Retirement

Retirement is a time of freedom; it’s something people look forward to most of their lives. As you prepare for retirement, it’s natural to consider ways to reduce your housing costs. 
Fortunately, there are some great ways to enhance your lifestyle while reducing costs. 6 Ways to Save Housing Costs in Retirement 
1.Downsize The most common way to reduce costs is to downsize. Many older Americans find they can greatly reduce or eliminate monthly payments while reducing upkeep.  
2.Home Sharing If you are single, consider finding a housemate.  
3.Retirement Communities –55+ communities offer a lower-cost, low-maintenance lifestyle.  
4.Retire in Phases –Plan for the stages of retirement, including possible assisted living. Buying into these multi-stage communities can save thousands throughout your retirement. 
5.Look at Your Mortgage -Make your current monthly payment more affordable by refinancing at a lower rate. You might also consider a reverse mortgage.  
Federally insured reverse mortgages can provide income to supplement your retirement savings. 6.Sell Your Home –Maybe you no longer need to own a home at all. Selling a home and pocketing the proceeds can give you the freedom to travel more and rents may be less expensive than owning. 
 If it’s finally time to retire, or if you are in the final planning stage, consider the cost of housing. Saving money on monthly expenditures is the best way to make the most of your hard-earned retirement.


May 5, 2021

Eclectic Home Design Trends for 2021


Recent interior design trends have focused on one primary era or design scheme. Mid-century modern furniture and accents have dominated the magazine covers and home shows as decorators have worked with their clients to bring this trend into their spaces. Yet, what to do about the beautiful antique chest from your grandma or the dining room table you inherited from your mom? 


These pieces of history seem to have no place in modern design and have been relegated to storage units and garages over the past decade. Well, it’s time to pull them out again as design trends are moving away from stark modern schemes to a warm, eclectic look. The main principle in merging design styles is to focus on one unifying elementlike warm wood tones or the high sheen of gold accentsand then look for pieces that suit that theme. For example, a gold-gilded mirror with baroque detailing can complement a room filled with neutral furnishings with gold or silver-toned accent pieces. The unifying element is the color and sheen of the mirror. Mix and match your wood antiques with modern furniture of the same kind of wood or hue. 

Add oriental-style rugs, traditional paintings, and interesting vases against a backdrop of subtle sofas and industrial accents for a unique look. As with all d├ęcor, the room and style should reflect the owner and their lifestyle. Start with a few pieces and look for ways to meld them into your living spaces.  

There is no reason to reject the past simply to have a stylish home.

Apr 9, 2021

5 Tips To Sell Your House This Spring




Thinking about selling your home this Springtime? Here are 5 crucial tips you don’t want to forget as you prep your home for sale:

 1. Interview real estate agents to make sure you’re hiring one that fits your needs.

 2. 3 Ds: Declutter, depersonalize, and deep clean.

 3. Do any necessary repairs and touch-ups. This could mean fixing doorknobs and repainting areas of your home that have faded.

 4. Be ready to negotiate on deals. This is another reason why hiring a professional real estate will be crucial for your success.

 5. Consider upgrading parts of your home, including your curb appeal, to make it modern and inviting.

Do you have anything else to add?

Apr 5, 2021

Things to Consider before Buying a Home Together


It used to be that couples first got married, and then bought a home together. No more! Modern couples no longer consider marriage a prerequisite for buying a home together.  

Buying a property together can complicate either a breakup or a divorce if not considered upfront. No one likes to think about the end of a relationship, but buying a home is a huge investment – not only in the relationship but financially. 

The partners may have differences in income, down payment, and contributions to the home. In the event of a separation, how will these issues be addressed? In other words, what happens if you break up? 

The easiest way to ensure that everyone is protected is the title. Most married couples opt for Joint Tenancy that provides each homeowner an equal interest in the value of the property. The assumption is that marriage involves a merging of income and assets.For couples who plan to keep their finances separate, a better option could be a Tenancy in Common. 

This form of title provides each owner with a separate, transferrable interest in the property. The interest does not need to be equal to the other; this could give one a larger interest if they contribute more financially.  

The interest can also be sold or inherited separately. Don’t let the excitement of a home purchase keep you from considering the future. Before closing on that dream home together, consider the exit strategy –just in case

Rockport Texas Home For Sale 112 Captain's Bay Dr, ROCKPORT, TX 78382

  MLS# R135682A 112 Captain's Bay Dr, ROCKPORT, TX 78382 Adorable 3 bedrooms home in lovely Captains Bay neighborhood tucked between liv...