Sep 6, 2013

Got Papaya???

Creme de papaya
(Papaya Cream)

This is a popular dessert in Brazil..... it's one of most delicious and quick-to-prepare summer desserts ever invented. It must be made and served right away. You"ll need a blender to prepare the cream.
1 ripe papaya
1 scoop vanilla ice-cream
1 tbsp. Creme de Cassis
1 sprig of mint for decoration
Peel papaya and remove seeds. Cut in small pieces. Put in blender with ice-cream and Creme de Cassis. Blend well until smooth. Pour into a small bowl and decorate with mint. The mix of flavors and colors (orange papaya and purple liqueur) is wonderful! If you don't want it to be alcoholic, use cassis syrup instead. You can reduce the calories by using Light ice-cream.

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