May 7, 2012

5 Easy tips to hook a Buyer For Your Home

By: Neli Spurrell

1- Curb appeal and stage  the exterior counts too!
Fresh paint, place to sit and enjoy it.... I don't know any buyer who feels confortable looking dead plants do you?

2 - Get already to show... if you don't leave or make it difficult for agents to make appointments... No show, no sold!

3- Sorry, your golden mirror won't make it real about pricing! Follow the market comparables "sold" in your area, don't play games, buyers are smart and know the 10% below list price secret! Get knoledge about your competition too...

4 - De-personalize.... nobody is buying your cute pictures!.... visualize them in your next "home" and move forward, help your agent to sale the "house"!

5 - DEclutter, DEclutter, DEclutter!.....

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