Apr 29, 2012

How to create my very own vertical garden?

Vertical gardens or living walls are a great option for anyone who don’t have a lot of space or have an ugly wall or window they want to cover up and give you an edible garden even indoors. It’s a great alternative for apartment living.

Vertical garden can offer you a fresh supply of herbs and vegetables while taking up minimal space.

1-     Location: south facing wall or fence works for the best, most plants need at least 4 hours of sunlight a day.

2-     Watering: a dependable water source is very important and a simplest watering system with bowls placed above the plants to catch water and filter it downwards or an simple drip irrigation system helps

3-     Select your plants: know your plants, you can start with easy herbs and veggies like mint, basil, oregano, chilies, lettuces and grow from there.

4-     Selecting your containers and framework: that will support the soil and roots of the plants. The framework/container can be made of wood( garden trellises, old pallets), metal (chain link fence) or even plastic (hanging shoe organizers, PET plastic bottles)

5-     Soil: choose a light weight soil or peat moss in some cases to fill the vertical garden. It should be able to drain water well but keep moist enough for the plant life.

Last but not least… Maintenance… water it and keep your eyes open for diseases and bugs.
And have fun!

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